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Welcome to
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The merit of the company is to offer a comprehensive service in the field of Mechanical Engineering Services with a client base of Oil and Gas companies, Govt. departments, public utilities and private sector. In addition to the site services, which the company can offer to clients, we also have extensive fabrication shop and machine shop facilities at our workshops.

Our Office & Workshops

The company’s offices and workshops are located in Mussafah Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi and comprise a total area of 17440 Sq. Meter. of which 15000 Sq. Meter. are occupied by workshops – facilities for steel fabrication, machine shop operations and the coating & cement lining of pipes, vessels, etc. The open area of the facility is utilized for the storage of completed jobs and as a lay down area for bulk materials. Site orientated projects are executed at site with equipment being mobilized from the main workshop and the labor force for large projects being recruited on project to project basis, smaller projects are executed by utilizing the workshop manpower.




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The company has a permanent team of 200 personnel and engineers who are experienced in their own specific discipline and if required the company can resource extra manpower locally.


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Our partners are crucial contributors to our success, sharing a commitment to innovation and excellence. Through collaborative efforts, we harness diverse expertise, creating a dynamic synergy that drives mutual growth. Together, we navigate challenges and celebrate achievements, embodying the spirit of effective collaboration in our journey towards success.